Be Responsible

What’s up, everybody, just want to talk to you today about responsibility.

I know. First thing I think of when I hear responsibility, I think of MXPX song “Responsibility What’s that?” Yeah, I know, that dates me. Anyway, I wanted to talk to you about responsibility and how it relates to entrepreneurship.

So a few weeks ago, I interviewed Billy Anderson, super excited for that episode to come out, it’s gonna be a couple months, just been backed up with lots of great interviews. But in researching him, you know, I kind of knew him beforehand, we’ve met once before, but I wanted to dig a little bit deeper before I interviewed him. And he talked about this the story on another podcast about personal responsibility, and how he sees the world. He’s really interesting, talking about that personal responsibility aspect.

If you are not willing to take responsibility for your own actions, entrepreneurship, just straight up isn’t for you. Because everything, no matter what you do comes back to you. So you hear stories all the time about CEO’s of companies having personal opinions, and it affects their business, if they have an opinion, that is contrary to what is popular in the media, suddenly, their business suffers. So everything you do is a reflection on your business. So if you’re not willing to take responsibility for any of your actions will, honestly it’s going to come back and eventually hit your business, and isn’t going to be a good situation.

Another person that’s a big proponent of this is Gary Vaynerchuk. He’s somebody that a lot of entrepreneurs look up to. He talks about how he is 100% responsible for any employee issues, even if he’s never met the employee, even if he’s never had a chance to talk to them or anything like that, it is always his responsibility. If there’s some sort of breakdown, he didn’t set up the processes right, he didn’t set up the right people in place to have them succeed. So he takes all the responsibility.

For me that that could mean if I have a bad batch of the Hustle Focused Energy product, you know what that comes back to me because I didn’t do my due diligence in vetting out the supplier, even if the supplier made 999 batches of this product, and then 101 something goes wrong, that comes back to me. That’s my responsibility. And that’s the sort of things that some people just don’t feel comfortable with. And that’s totally fine, entrepreneurship is not for you. But if you can wrap your head around, okay, this is my responsibility, I can control the situation I can take responsibility for and make it right rather than play the blame game. Then you could be good. Then you could be going down the right path.

A quick read, something I had on my on my brain. But that is something that is very important in entrepreneurship, take responsibility for everything in your business, and you might look at everything in your business in a different way. That’s my message for you today.

-Trent V. Bray