Need motivation?

I know this has been something that I have been guilty of, searching for some outside force to motivate me. As I have gone deeper on my entrepreneurial journey, of which I am still an infant, I’ve learned that if I “need motivation” I am in the wrong place.

You see, it WILL get tough, and habits and routines will help you through the hard times, but if you don’t want your goals more than breath itself, you WILL quit. You have to dig deep and as my mentor Derrick Struggle says, “you have to be disgusted by the thought of ever returning to where you have been”. He taught me that if my bank balance isn’t where I want it to be or my family situation isn’t what I want it to be, I need to be repulsed by it and never want to return to that point again. Whatever you want to change in your life, make it part of your routine to visualize how awful the situation could be and use it to propel yourself.

If you are comfortable, you won’t move. Seriously, if you make it comfortable for yourself, you are less likely to move. I’ve been comfortable, I have a nice house, a lovely family, a nice truck, I’ve been resting in comfort. I’m purposely making myself uncomfortable, but it’s helped me grow and become a better version of myself. In the pursuit of being uncomfortable, it helps with the motivation to stay uncomfortable and continue to grow because I can look back and see the growth. My friends have even noticed, “You’ve changed a lot in the last year”. That’s a compliment, and it’s keeping me going.

Wait until you see what I’m up to, I’m pushing myself further and if you know me, you’ll be surprised. I’m motivated because I never want to return to where I am now, in spite of the great circumstances I already have, because as my friend Glenn Lovelace says, “Progress creates happiness!”

Trent V. Bray