Scratching the automotive itch

I am a self-proclaimed “car guy”. I love cars, and although I’m not great when putting wrench to bolt, I am learning.

I’ve been around cars my whole life and they’ve taken a back seat as of late, but all it takes is a quick ride to realize how much joy I get from them and how it heals my soul. This lead me to thinking of ways I could be involved in the automotive world without taking too much time away from my other business pursuits. I didn’t have to look far.

My free time, although rare, is usually filled with looking at car news and speccing out cars on the car configurators to see how I would buy that specific car. Turns out there are people who like to see how others spec out their cars. Enter screen-recording what I’m doing already and HWY Spec was born. It stands for How Would You Spec. And I ask at the end, how you would spec the car I just specced.

I’ve really enjoyed the time I’ve put into it, but it’s taken very little time from the main pursuits which is what I needed. This way I can stay tied to the car community but without the need to constantly visit shows and buy merchandise or put really any capital into it. Just used what I already have. If you feel so inclined, check out the HWY Spec YouTube Channel to see the videos I’ve put up.