Using the Wrong tool?

Today we’re going to talk about using the wrong tool. Yes, that’s right. So you hear a lot about using the right tool, finding the right tool and how more how much more efficient it is. And that’s true. But sometimes you just need to get something done. A few weekends ago, I was fortunate enough to be the sponsor for a automotive rally called the Vertical Mile Rally. And this is thanks mostly to Salt Lake imports for helping arrange this.

We met at Salt Lake Imports dealership and we got everybody together. We go on this canyon drive, we take this nice long canyon loop with beautiful fall colors right now here in Utah. It was a fantastic event. And then we had straight out on the freeway out to the Bonneville Salt Flats and on to Wendover, Nevada. Now, this is normally something that would be a lot of fun in the sports car. And that’s honestly what the target demographic is, sports cars. And personally, that’s my passion. I love cars. Well, anyway, I have a couple of sports cars, but they are in various states of disrepair. So I was trying to get one of those vehicles ready for this event. And the week of, a couple days before the event, a major problem came up, and it just wasn’t going to happen.

So I was faced with two options, do I pull out of it? Or do I keep going for it? I’ve already paid for this event. So it’s like alright, I’m gonna use the wrong tool for the job, laughably the wrong tool for the job. And that is my 3/4 ton pickup truck to go on a car rally. Yes, I did that. And it got the job done.

And even through the canyon carving, I was carving the canyons with Porsche’s and Mustang’s and Nissan GTR’s, things of that nature. Cars that were more meant for this type of event. And honestly, I pushed the truck more than you would normally push a truck, but I was staying with them for the most part. It was a great time and I really enjoyed it. Great event that was put on and I realized that even if you use the wrong tool for the job, it’s better than sitting back and waiting for the right tool.

A lot of us will wait until we know web design to design a website. There’s so many tools out there to do it for free or cheap. Or we’ll wait for the right camera equipment before we start recording videos. If you have a phone, go for it! I Sometimes the right tool for the job is the one that you have in front of you, even if it’s the wrong tool.

How many times have you tried to hammer something in with the end of a screwdriver or a wrench or something? I can tell you, I’ve done that more times than I can remember. Because the tool was there, it was accessible. Sometimes that is the right case. Now, obviously, you want to make sure to have plans in place before you start executing things. So that you’re not just purposely trying to hammer square peg square peg into a round hole. If the intentions are right and it helps support the overarching goal, why not use the wrong tool for the job? That’s better than the job not getting done! How many times do we just sit there and think, “I’ll get to that” Or “If only I had that” or “This would work so much better if I had this” and that’s often the case, but there are so many circumstances where we just wait for the right time and honestly the right time may not ever come.

So if you have some capabilities to use a free website platform to get started on your side hustle, or you can start posting to Instagram or you can start manufacturing a prototype out of paper and glue, whatever you’ve got, whatever you can do, do it. Don’t wait. Take the action! Take it now! Use the wrong tool. Just get the job done. And you will progress from there. Hope this helps. I want you to get out there and hustle the day.

Trent V. Bray