Win or Lose, keep going

Winning or losing sometimes isn’t a choice. What you do with your attitude though, is completely up to you.

Yesterday, the San Francisco 49ers played the Kansas City Chiefs in the “Big Game”. I was rooting for my life-long favorite football team, San Francisco. Through 3 quarters, it was looking like San Francisco’s game to lose…and then they did.

Now this isn’t a post about football, it’s about loss. Throughout my career, I’ve accelerated up to the 3rd quarter and then coasted until the opponent took over and by then it’s too late. I’ve let those losses take a toll on me longer than they should have, but like the 49ers, I always get back on the field.

No matter your business or personal struggles, the choice to get back out there will make you stronger and tougher and better. You may receive even tougher challenges after that, but the determination you have to keep going is what will separate you from someone else.

The fact of the matter is, most people DO give up. They coast through life at some point. Maybe it’s after 1 loss or 100 losses, keep going no matter how many stack up against you, because the competition gets weaker each time you keep it up. Do you and don’t give up!

Trent V. Bray