You never know who’s watching

After launching the pre-orders for the Hustle Focused Energy product, I have been surprised at who has been silently watching. There are people who have never interacted with my content or have even talked to me, and here they are buying my product.

This illustrates that it’s not always about the metrics or the numbers that you can see, sometimes there are people silently watching what you do, rooting for you in their own way. I know this from experience. My now good-friend Bobby from Macey Media was one of those that I was watching, never interacting with his content. One day I got the nerve up to say that I enjoyed what he was doing. He was ready to give up on that specific tactic he was using, but it resonated with me. He kept with it, to much success.

I’ve since learned to be more vocal and interact because those people ultimately appreciate it, but you never know who is watching and rooting for you, so keep going.

Trent V. Bray