Business Coaching

How often are you searching for new customers? Do you feel as though you are “just getting by”? It’s debilitating and feels as if you are suffocating right? The good thing is you are not alone, I’ve been there and it was always on the back of my mind, even when I was supposed to be present with my family and friends. Rather than wasting all that time and energy on stressing, wouldn’t you rather say to yourself, “I am crushing it!”?
     Fortunately I grew up with both of my parents being entrepreneurs and observed their many failures and successes.  My mother even won an Ernst & Young award for entrepreneurship in her field. I’ve have had the opportunity to work with many small business owners and had a few of my own that have again experienced success and failure.

    As a business owner, you get so in your head about little details or things that often don’t matter. It becomes difficult to manage your time and keep your head above water. So how do you overcome these challenges? This is where I step in.

    You’ve built your business to the point where it’s at today, and you’ve done a great job because many others have quit or moved on. Now you just need that push to get to your goals of more income or more time or even both! I bring an outside perspective from working as a low-level retail employee all the way to a CEO. I’ve been through it all and can see perspectives you might not be able to. This is what to expect when we start working together.

1. We sit down and evaluate your goals(goals first!)

2. We look at your current business and pinpoint areas of improvement. 

3. We evaluate your team(even if it’s just you)

4. I offer practical tactics for growing your business to the next level. 

     Using my experience, this can usually happen pretty quickly, but ideally I would work with you each month to get you to where you want to be and keep you on the right track. My cost-based analysis alone will justify your choice of hiring me as your business coach. Prices start at just $500/month.

Let’s get started!

“Very small monetary commitment for BIG results!” – T.M.

“You have been a breath of fresh air for me!” – J.Z.