“They make a lot of money”


I hear this phrase quite a bit from people who want to start a side hustle or a new business. In fact, money is a large motivating factor for people. However, if you are basing your entire want to get into something because you saw ONE PERSON making a lot of money and assuming it’s easy. You are in for a world of disappointment.

I am often shocked at how easy people think it is to just start a business and make large amounts of money. “Hey, if they did it, I can too” which that statement is absolutely true, but they don’t think about the amount of work behind it and the years of sacrifice and importantly, the timing of it all. If you start right now, you’ll be years behind the person who “makes a lot of money” doing it.

An example of this is that I’ve known several people who have pitched that I/they should be selling personal protective equipment on Amazon because of Covid-19. Well, the lead time is quite long, Amazon isn’t the easiest to deal with, and by the time you are to market, will you be the only one in town to sell these? Not to mention, the Government got involved in PPE and seized some of that product for their use. There are significant forces that you can’t control involved in that idea. Building a lasting brand to stick around after these are no longer around, that’s completely different and could be a good idea.

People always want the quick and easy path to money, and lasting success is a completely different strategy. More often than not, quick money is also not reality. Yes, there are stories, but that is the exception, not the rule.

The ones who really are successful, the “overnight success stories” are the ones who have put in the years of effort and consistent action until they finally hit a breakthrough. Their belief was strong the whole time that they would be successful even after multiple failures. This is a rare quality, but it is one you can develop.

Don’t chase the next quick buck, build something worthy of a legacy, not a footnote.

-Trent V. Bray

Creating Habits of Success

Throughout my life, I’ve noticed my habits are the single biggest factor in my success. When I break good habits, bad things happen. And I’m not saying they are catastrophic bad things, but I’ll start skipping some of my concrete work habits, therefore putting me behind in work. And it’s usually when I am being successful that I rest on my laurels and start to focus less on the winning habits.

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